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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Healthy Options

Start your day with morning yoga and improve your general health and mental focus. Challenge yourself to get a better body, a happy mind, and a calm soul.

Spine therapy classes based on yoga

Surf Hotel - Vasiliki, beach

Lesson includes

breathing exercises

chest opening

spinal traction

lower back care 

stretch hamstrings

hips care



Special after-class drink & yogamat


*Each lesson is slightly different and focuses on different areas of the body.

                 Contact us about the time and dates.

price 10 € per person

*the lesson is limited to 12 people

Private classes based on your needs

We provide:

Spine therapy classes based on Yoga

Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra 

Breath coach training

*lessons can take place outside the hotel area

*one class takes 60 minutes

Class price:

1 -5 people 60 €/ group

6 people and more 10€/person

*extra charge for petrol

Book your class on WhatsApp

00420 732 498 567


Surf Hotel reception

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