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Often just referred to as apnea, the sport of freediving is where a diver descends on a single breath of air without the use of scuba tanks. While the sport in its current format has been around since the earily 90s, its popularity as recreational pass time has really strated to grow in recent years.

It is often depicted as an extreme sport chased only by adrenaline junkies, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Combining an almost meditative state of relaxation with coordination and self awareness, we can safely dive to depths in excess of 30 meters on a recreational basis, with some competitive divers reaching more than 100 meters.

This is only possible by learning to interpret the sensations experienced while diving, understanding the physiology behind apnea and being able to apply good technique to every dive. In short, it's not something you can learn from a YouTube video.

People freedive for many different reasons. Some dive to help overcome a fear of water, some for fitness and many dive just to see how far they can go. For us, it serves a more important purpose. It's deeply relaxing and allows us to enjoy sensations not experienced in everyday life. 

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